Spring is here

19 Mar

Spring is here so its time to get active and make that fresh start.  Set yourself some new goals that are achievable.  The nights are getting lighter and the weather has been great the last few days.  Hopefully it will continue for a few more weeks, so there are no excuses for not getting out and getting active.  Even a bit a gardening can help. 

Start to think about the food you are eating on a daily basis and find out what it is that is inhibiting your weight loss – have you truly made significant changes to your lifestyle?  Is there something else that you can do?

Spring is here

Here is another fruity recipe for you to try.

Raspberry creams – enjoy


Healthy Heart

9 Mar

If you follow a healthy lifestyle it not only benefits your weight but also has the added benefit of reducing your risk of damaging your heart. 

Too much saturated fat, too much salt, being over weight and too little exercise can all have a detrimental effect on our heart.  Try cutting down on saturated fat by eating healthier fats in particular Omega 3 which we can get from oily fish and has great health benefits. 

Reduce the amount of salt you eat – don’t just automatically add it to your food before tasting.  Try using herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of your food.  Increase the amount of exercise you do to at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. 

Healthy Heart

Oven baked salmon and herbs

How to survive the weekend

10 Feb

It is usually the weekend that we tend to forget about our long-term plans as we usually have a change of routine.  The main thing to remember is that the weekend needs to form part of our lifestyle change.  You can still go out and enjoy life but you need to plan how you will cope if you over indulge.

The main key is to continue to fill in your diary sheet during the weekend.  It acts as a great conscience.  Try and spend some time planning your meals for the coming week, remembering to compensate for any nights out where you may have over indulged.  The weekend is also a time to try to do some more exercise; start to make it part of your weekly routine.

If you are tempted by a takeaway try to make a good choice.  The attached leaflet explains some ways to limit the damage to your new lifestyle by selecting the best takeaway option.

Healthy takeaways

Survive the weekend

Why not try making your own chicken curry at the weekend rather than going for a takeaway.  It will have fewer calories and will help to keep you on track.

Chicken curry

Check your portions!

29 Jan


This week we have looked at portion sizes.  They key is to spend a bit of time weighing your food so you get to know what a true portion size actually looks like.  You can add a lot of calories to your daily intake without knowing it if you are not careful.  Try weighing out your pasta, rice and potatoes you will be surprised just how many calories there are in a large potato.

Check out the labels on foods you buy and make sure you know the calories per portion  and not just  those in 100 grams. If you are buying food on the go check what is in it.  Some ‘healthy’ options can have lots of sugar or saturated fat.  Only put on your plate what you should be eating and do not go back for more – this is when we lose control.

Portions leaflet

Check out the eatwell website for more information.

New Year, new you

8 Jan


This week you should look at setting some goals for weight loss so that you have something to focus on and work  towards.

  You could also look at some main areas to start considering making some small changes only pick one or two areas don’t try and do everything at once:

  • Review the number of calories you are eating – consider portion sizes this is usually were most of us go wrong.
  • Log the food you are eating in a diary
  • Plan meals before you go shopping
  • Start to familiarize yourself with food labels so you know what you are eating
  • Find some form of exercise that you enjoy and try to gradually increase this
  • Introduce changes gradually so you body can adjust easily.


Think about your goals, sometimes it is easier to set small goals so that you can take small steps.  Think about an event that you may have coming up later in the year, think about how you want to feel when that event comes along, is your goal to wear a smaller size outfit, do you want to feel fitter.  Make sure your goal is realistic and measurable.

Happy Christmas

20 Dec

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

 Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Castle Medical Centre 4th January 7.00 pm

Whitnash Medical Centre 5th January 6.30 pm

Coping with Christmas

11 Dec

Christmas can be a really hard time when you are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  The key to survival is planning.

If you know you are going to be eating and drinking more than usual you are going to have to try to find a way to balance this out.  Try having some healthy filling low-calorie homemade soups for lunch if you are eating out in the evening.  Cut down on your usual snacks during the day if you know you will be going out for a few drinks. 

Remember you can also do a bit more exercise too which will help burn off those extra calories and will also make you feel a whole lot better.

If you have some time off over the Christmas period this is a great chance to do some exercise and to plan how you are going to continue with your weight loss plans in the New Year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and try to remember it is only one day – don’t blow all your hard work!